About Us

At ExcelTrick, our mission is simple – to provide you with the best Excel tutorials in a user-friendly, accessible manner. We recognize that not everyone is fluent in technical jargon, so we strive to avoid overwhelming you with complex formulas and technical slang.

Our Journey

ExcelTrick has been a trusted resource since 2011, and in the past decade, we've published hundreds of articles that have assisted millions of users.

Annually, we welcome over 2 million visitors who rely on us to enhance their Excel skills. We are proud to have been featured and mentioned on numerous reputable websites.

Editorial Excellence

ExcelTrick upholds a stringent Editorial Policy that guides our content creation and publication. To gain insight into our editorial principles, guidelines, and standards, we invite you to explore our editorial guidelines here.

Thank you for choosing ExcelTrick. We're dedicated to helping you excel in Excel!

Meet Our Team

Ankit Kaul [Founder & Strategist]

Ankit Kaul Machama

Ankit, the Founder and Strategist at ExcelTrick, is dedicated to crafting and executing strategic initiatives and future goals. Armed with an Engineering Degree, Ankit has honed his spreadsheet skills over the course of 15+ years.

In addition to his proficiency in Excel, Ankit boasts a profound understanding of the programmatic landscape, making him a versatile and knowledgeable professional in the technology sector.

Beyond the realm of his professional life, Ankit finds genuine joy in computer programming, a passion that fuels his creativity and problem-solving abilities. Outside of work, he prioritizes spending quality time with his family, valuing the balance between his professional endeavors and personal life.


Supriya is the Editor-in-Chief at ExcelTrick; her work involves content planning and facilitating the implementation of plans and procedures.

Supriya has vast experience in Excel. She has done an MBA in Human Resources.
Before working with ExcelTrick full time, she used to work as a Corporate HR. Her everyday work involved dealing with data and decision-making. Since then, MS Excel has become her best buddy.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her kid, gaming and reading.

Saurav Ahuja

Saurav is responsible for all aspects of marketing, brand strategy, and communications. Saurav has four years of experience under his belt.

His passion for branding has steered his career in growing some of the country's most iconic brands.

Saurav graduated with a BA in Mass Communication from the University of Delhi. On weekends, Saurav can be found taking singing classes and discovering new restaurants around the city.

Mehwish Javaid

Mehwish is a name synonymous with brownielust. If it weren't for her love of the English language, her obsession with gastronomy and lifestyle might have led her to a career in interior design or food.

Mehwish is ACCA qualified with over 4 years of experience in Excel, mostly as an audit trainee at Ernst & Young.

Having traveled to UK, UAE and KSA, she is currently in Pakistan as a part-time work-from-home momma of two unidentified species that overtly look like human kids. With work and home, she squeezes in some heavy music and light reads.

Shubhra Anand Jain

Meet Shubhra Anand Jain, an Excel aficionado. With more than 5 years of experience in the field, she has developed a profound understanding of how crucial Excel is for data analysis and record-keeping.

In addition to her professional expertise, Shubhra is an ardent Excel user who enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She firmly believes that Excel is a powerful tool that can simplify many complex tasks and improve efficiency in various aspects of life.

She currently resides in Sweden and loves her coffee. Shubhra understands that Excel can be overwhelming, but she is here to simplify it one Excel formula at a time.