About – Mehwish Javaid

Mehwish is a name synonymous with brownielust. If it weren't for her love of the English language, her obsession with gastronomy and lifestyle might have led her to a career in interior design or food.

Mehwish is ACCA qualified with over 4 years of experience in Excel, mostly as an audit trainee at Ernst & Young. In addition to this, Mehwish also serves as a Content Specialist at ExcelTrick.

With a solid foundation in ACCA qualifications and four years of practical experience at Ernst & Young, she's honed her Excel skills to perfection. Her role as a Content Specialist at ExcelTrick showcases her expertise in this spreadsheet software, where she regularly shares invaluable insights, tips, and advanced techniques, aiding professionals and enthusiasts in harnessing the full potential of Excel.

Having traveled to UK, UAE and KSA, she is currently in Pakistan as a part-time work-from-home momma of two unidentified species that overtly look like human kids. 

With work and home, she squeezes in some heavy music and light reads.