About – Supriya

Supriya serves as the Editor-in-Chief at ExcelTrick, taking charge of content planning and implementing strategies. Her extensive background in Excel and Human Resources demonstrates her remarkable professional journey.

Before becoming a full-time member of ExcelTrick, Supriya thrived in her role as a Corporate HR, where data analysis and decision-making were her daily companions. It was during this tenure that she discovered her affinity for MS Excel, harnessing its potential to manage and scrutinize data, ultimately shaping informed choices.

Supriya's Excel expertise spans financial modeling, data automation, and advanced analytics. As Editor-in-Chief, she shares valuable insights to help both professionals and enthusiasts optimize Excel's potential for enhanced efficiency and decision-making.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Supriya cherishes moments spent with her child, indulges in gaming, and delves into the world of books. Her love for reading and gaming mirrors her commitment to learning and enjoyment.

Supriya is dedicated to sharing her Excel expertise and revealing its transformative capabilities in simplifying intricate tasks.