How to Remove Dashes in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

Stuck with uncalled-for hyphens? Dashes lining in between phone numbers, separating book name and author, punctuating product codes, forming unnecessary categories. Well, not unnecessary as it is, but you may require data in a rawer form. That calls for removing hyphens and we don't want to be selecting each value and hitting backspace. When will … [Read more...]

Excel INDIRECT Function – How To Use

The INDIRECT function allows the users to reference cells indirectly, depending on the contents of another cell or a text string. It lets you return the reference to a cell, based on its string representation, therefore we are able to change a cell reference (and sheet name) within a formula without changing the formula itself.The INDIRECT … [Read more...]

Convert Decimal to Percentage in Excel (4 Quick Easy Ways)

Some broad categories where you see percentage analysis: academic or sales performance, profit margins, investment returns. Why you see percentages in place of fractions or decimals is because discerning a proportional value that way comes to us much easier. That or perhaps our brains have been wired that way now. How would you arrive at your … [Read more...]

Excel INDEX Function – How To Use

The INDEX function enables us to retrieve specific data from a range of cells or arrays based on the row or column position. In this data-intensive world, the INDEX function is one of the most talked about functions in Excel.It is mostly used when navigating through large datasets and setting up dynamic extractions or ranges. If you know the … [Read more...]

Check if a Value is in a List in Excel (9 Quick & Easy Ways)

Probable reasons you could be here today: confirming item availability, identifying whether a certain subcategory exists or not for data management, making decisions based on the presence of a value, extracting relevant information from large datasets, performing calculations conditionally, checking for partially matching text. Such important tasks … [Read more...]

Excel VSTACK Function – How To Use

VSTACK function in Excel is used to combine multiple cell ranges or arrays in a row-wise manner. All the input cell ranges or arrays are vertically appended one after the other, resulting in a single array.The VSTACK function is particularly useful when dealing with large data which needs to be selectively combined into one consolidated … [Read more...]

How to Find Max Value in Range in Excel (5 Easy Ways)

Alright, down the magnifying glasses, we're here to make speedy decisions that require speedy solutions. Finding the topmost value is a concept that would not be alien to you and it is all too easy for Excel too. An extreme value is an indicator, shows the distribution of values in a dataset, highlights top performers, and enables conditional … [Read more...]

Excel HSTACK Function – How To Use

The HSTACK function in Excel combines several arrays or cell ranges into one by stacking them horizontally. Each additional array is placed to the right of the previous array.The HSTACK function provides us with the ability to create a consolidated dataset that meets our specific needs by selecting and combining data from multiple … [Read more...]