How to Extract URLs from Hyperlinks in Excel

Having something a click away, hyperlinks are precisely what you're talking about. But instead of jumping to a webpage, what are we to do when we need to dial things back a little?Say we have some clickable links but require the actual URL behind them instead of the face of the URL in the form of a display name. If we are to share the links, we … [Read more...]

Excel HYPERLINK Function – How To Use

The HYPERLINK function in Excel allows you to create a clickable link enabling easy navigation to a specific cell, range, or Named Range within the same or a different worksheet, to a file or folder in your computer, or even directly to a web address.The HYPERLINK function is an excellent tool to create a table of content or easy navigation when … [Read more...]

How to Sum Only Positive (or Negative) Numbers in Excel

You won't catch us trying to add only positive numbers from a list of mixed figures manually because Excel has more than one trick to get the job neatly done!If you've run out of luck trying to switch and twitch your way around with the SUM function, we applaud you for your hard work and welcome you to this tutorial. Today you will learn how to … [Read more...]

Excel EXPAND Function – How To Use

The EXPAND function in Excel 365 is used to dynamically expand or extend the size of a given array, depending on the provided number of rows and columns. By adding rows and columns, the EXPAND function can be used to create bigger arrays and expand them as per our requirements.The EXPAND function also allows us to pad the extended array with the … [Read more...]

Excel DROP Function – How To Use

The DROP function removes the specified number of rows or columns from the start or end of the array. The function is highly useful for removing headers, outliers, or any unnecessary data.The DROP function accepts the number of rows or columns to exclude and returns a new array or dataset. Understand the function and make full use of it while … [Read more...]

Excel ROW Function – How To Use

The ROW function retrieves the row numbers of a given cell, range of cells, or array. It is a versatile function and is useful in Conditional Formatting and when dealing with large datasets. The ROW function can also be combined with other Excel functions to create solutions as per our needs.It is worth noting that the ROW function returns the … [Read more...]

Excel ROWS Function – How To Use

The ROWS function counts the total number of rows in a given cell range or an array. The function is highly helpful when dealing with large datasets and enables better data analysis.The ROWS function also includes blank rows when calculating the total number of rows.SyntaxThe syntax of the ROWS function is as follows.=ROWS(array)The ROWS … [Read more...]

How to Make Positive Numbers Show Up in Green in Excel

What is the easiest way to analyze information? Yes, it is visual but how can you make numeric or textual data visual? Right again, you color-code it! So, our best bet for making positive numbers stand out from negative ones is to color-code them. And the immediate color code for +ive and -ive we comprehend is green and red.This tutorial is about … [Read more...]