Ignore Blank Cells in Conditional Formatting (3 Easy Ways)

Conditional Formatting is the quickest and easiest way to add visual impact to any dataset but a Conditional Formatting Rule can be prone to its simplicity and might not be doing what you want it to do.Our problem at hand, for now, is Conditional Formatting also highlighting blank cells when we would rather have them un-highlighted (and no one … [Read more...]

Excel NUMBERVALUE Function – How To Use

The NUMBERVALUE function converts a number in text format to numerical format using the given decimal and group separators.The NUMBERVALUE function is very useful when downloading data in different country formats as it converts locale-specific values to locale-independent values.SyntaxThe syntax of the NUMBERVALUE function contains three … [Read more...]

Compatibility Mode in Excel – All You Need to Know About It

The file extension in your workbook's name should be .xlsx if you're using an Excel version post-Excel 2003. That’s not necessarily the case with everyone as they may be using older Excel versions with the .xls file extension.While your later version would be all accepting of .xls files, others' younger Excel would be unaware of certain features … [Read more...]

How to Get All Worksheet Names in Excel (2 Easy Ways)

You have made a decision. You are, Excel-ly, not walking the manual route unless you must. Whether the file contains a single worksheet or a single hundred, putting together a list of all the worksheet names is not a situation demanding that you take the manual route so here we are. Welcome to Exceltrick's guide on getting all worksheet names in … [Read more...]

Count Values Between Two Numbers in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

There has to be someone who it comes down to - to get the clerical work out of the way, fill the administrative shoes, fluff up the white collar. But sitting on the other side of an Excel screen, there’s no need for admin when Excel can be your minion. We’d say that we are counting today but that’s far from the truth; Excel is counting for us the … [Read more...]

Excel REPLACE Function – How To Use

The REPLACE function replaces the specified number of characters from the string based on the starting position with the mentioned text, string, or value. The REPLACE function is a text function; therefore, the return value is always in text format.The REPLACE function can also be used to remove a part of the string by simply swapping the text … [Read more...]

Excel Formulas Not Calculating – How To Fix

You are seeing the formula itself instead of its calculated result, or seeing it without an equals sign, your formula is not responding to some changes, or is responding with an unexpected result. If we’ve hit the nail on the head, you are welcome to browse this tutorial on how to fix Excel formulas that are not calculating.The potential issues … [Read more...]

Excel PROPER Function – How To Use

The PROPER function alters the text into proper case by converting the first letter of each word in a string to uppercase. The first letter is changed to uppercase, and every letter followed by a space, special character, or any character other than a letter is transformed into uppercase.PROPER function in Excel is a text function; therefore, the … [Read more...]