Excel CLEAN Function – How To Use

The CLEAN function comes under the category of text/string functions in Excel. It is used to remove first 32 non-printable characters from the text.Based on the 7-bit ASCII character set, codes starting from 0 to 31 are considered as Non-Printing Control Characters such as horizontal tab, vertical tab, carriage return etc.The CLEAN function is … [Read more...]

Excel UNICHAR Function – How To Use

The UNICHAR function in Excel returns the Unicode character or symbol associated with the given number. Unicode is a global encoding standard in which each letter, number, or symbol is assigned a distinct numeric value applicable across many platforms and programs.The numbers, alphabets, characters, and symbols we see on the computer are actually … [Read more...]

Excel UNICODE Function – How To Use

The UNICODE function is a type of text function in Excel that returns the code point, also known as Unicode number, against a character, text, number, or symbol.Each letter, number, character, and symbol is assigned a unique numeric value under the Unicode universal encoding standard, which is also used as a computing standard.The UNICODE … [Read more...]

Fill Handle Not Working in Excel (4 Easy Fixes)

You might not even know what the Fill Handle is while it gets so much of the work done for you. Today, we’re not talking about how the Fill Handle works but about why it wouldn’t work. Details later.First, what is the Fill Handle and why would it be hard to handle? That incredibly small green box that sits on the bottom-right of the select … [Read more...]

How to Insert an Arrow in a Cell in Excel (6 Easy Ways)

The grand job of Excel is to be an analysis tool that gives a quick visual and graphic indication of data. Arrows also play a decent role in playing up to the quick visual part.Pointing to denote the relation between data (datasets, objects such as lists, charts, and graphs) and showing increase and decrease in numerical values are the prime … [Read more...]

Excel CODE Function – How To Use

The CODE function is an Excel text/string function that returns the numeric code associated with the given character.The returned numeric code corresponds to the character set used by your computer (Windows OS uses the ANSI character set, whereas Mac OS uses the Macintosh character set).When more than one character or a string is passed to the … [Read more...]

How to Insert Bullet Points in Excel (9 Easy Ways)

Excel is not a word processor but you can still find several ways of getting a bullet point on the worksheet because despite being a spreadsheet application, you may opt for lists to be a part of the data (e.g. to-do lists, notes, footnotes).A bullet used in your Excel data can come from an external source through copy-paste or internal sources … [Read more...]

Excel CHAR Function – How To Use

CHAR function, also known as the character function, is one of Excel's text/string functions. It accepts an ASCII value as an input and returns the character corresponding to that ASCII value. Each number that is entered into the CHAR function has an individual character allocated to it.The term "ASCII" refers to the American Standard Code for … [Read more...]