How to Turn off Scroll Lock in Excel (Step-by-Step)

We’ve fallen into it so many times that we know exactly what it is by now but that doesn't have to be the case with you. Here’s a little menace that Ctrl + Z won’t undo and frankly, when Ctrl + Z ducks out, we go into a grain of digital frenzy. If your arrow keys are working your spreadsheet instead of the cell selection, that woe is called Scroll … [Read more...]

Count Weeks Between Dates in Excel (3 Easy Formulas)

Part of Excel norms is working with numbers and dates because that is Excel's forte. Where dates make the central part of the data, you may be working on them to add days, months, or years to them or to find the difference between them in days, months, and years.We'll walk you through counting the number of weeks between two dates today. By the … [Read more...]

Stop Excel from Changing Numbers to Dates Automatically

Excel is a numerical life savior, a tabular knight, and many things more but it comes with its whims which might suit us like a charm at times or could leave us with a broken computer an unsolved notion later. One such whim is when Excel takes it upon itself to enforce a number into a date. Why it does that, you are soon to find out.We will begin … [Read more...]

Excel UPPER Function – How To Use

Since Excel doesn't allow the inbuilt functionality of altering case types as Microsoft Word does, the UPPER function helps change the text to capital letters. All lowercase values are transformed to uppercase using the UPPER function. As it is a text function, the return value is always in text format.SyntaxThe syntax of the UPPER function … [Read more...]

Counting Cells with Text in Excel (3 Easy Formulas)

Different times call for different measures because counting and totaling are going to be a substantial part of your Excel journey so you can get to know how to do it right. The how to do it different part comes when counting text-specific cells or counting without the blank cells. Use the SUMPRODUCT, ISTEXT, COUNTIF, and EXACT functions or a VBA … [Read more...]

Excel LOWER Function – How To Use

The LOWER function in Excel is a text function that converts all other cases to lowercase. The return value of the LOWER function is always a text value. As Excel does not contain an inbuilt 'Change Case' option like Microsoft Word, the LOWER function comes in handy to refine the data as per our needs.SyntaxThe syntax of the LOWER function is … [Read more...]

Check if Cell Contains Partial Text in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

Smart searching makes the whole search process a breeze and that's smart stuff for you, making everything easy breezy. As your search gets specific, the process gets more complicated and if you don't employ the right techniques, you'll find yourself having a bad fishing day in a ginormous Excel sea. See if you can get it right the first time with … [Read more...]

Excel REPT Function – How To Use

The REPT function in Excel is used to repeat the input text a given number of times. Irrespective of the format of the input text to be repeated, the return value of the REPT function is always a text value.The REPT function is beneficial in creating histograms or in-cell charts for analysis or financial modelling.SyntaxThe syntax of the REPT … [Read more...]