Excel UNICODE Function – How To Use

The UNICODE function is a type of text function in Excel that returns the code point, also known as Unicode number, against a character, text, number, or symbol.Each letter, number, character, and symbol is assigned a unique numeric value under the Unicode universal encoding standard, which is also used as a computing standard.The UNICODE … [Read more...]

Excel CODE Function – How To Use

The CODE function is an Excel text/string function that returns the numeric code associated with the given character.The returned numeric code corresponds to the character set used by your computer (Windows OS uses the ANSI character set, whereas Mac OS uses the Macintosh character set).When more than one character or a string is passed to the … [Read more...]

Excel CHAR Function – How To Use

CHAR function, also known as the character function, is one of Excel's text/string functions. It accepts an ASCII value as an input and returns the character corresponding to that ASCII value. Each number that is entered into the CHAR function has an individual character allocated to it.The term "ASCII" refers to the American Standard Code for … [Read more...]

Excel MID Function – How To Use

The MID function returns a specific number of characters from the middle of the string after we state the starting position and the number of characters to extract. The MID Function in Excel is one of the text functions that allows us to get a substring from a string\text as per our requirementIt is one of the most useful functions when we want … [Read more...]

Excel RIGHT Function – How To Use

RIGHT function is one of the string manipulation functions of Excel. The RIGHT function returns the stated number of characters from the end of a provided text string. If you wish to extract characters from the extreme right of the string, specify the number of characters in the formula, and it will pull those characters from right to left.The … [Read more...]

Excel LEFT Function – How To Use

The LEFT function is one of the many common and widely used text/string functions offered by Microsoft Excel.The LEFT function enables you to extract a predetermined number of characters from a text string beginning on the left side. You just have to provide the input text or the reference cell to the function and the number of characters you … [Read more...]

#CALC! Error In Excel – How To Fix

#CALC! error appears when an array-related calculation error is encountered in Excel. Array formulas allow you to work with several values in one formula and let you perform different calculations simultaneously.The #CALC! error is mainly associated with dynamic arrays introduced in Excel Office 365; therefore, you will not face this error in … [Read more...]

#N/A Error In Excel – How To Fix

Sometimes, when you’ve used a bunch of lookup tables on your Excel sheet, you might spot a #N/A error. The #N/A error is typically associated with lookup tables, but it can also appear when you’ve missed inserting an important element in your formula. If you’ve got some #N/A errors on your worksheet, we’re going to help you get rid of them in the … [Read more...]