Excel NUMBERVALUE Function – How To Use

The NUMBERVALUE function converts a number in text format to numerical format using the given decimal and group separators.The NUMBERVALUE function is very useful when downloading data in different country formats as it converts locale-specific values to locale-independent values.SyntaxThe syntax of the NUMBERVALUE function contains three … [Read more...]

Excel REPLACE Function – How To Use

The REPLACE function replaces the specified number of characters from the string based on the starting position with the mentioned text, string, or value. The REPLACE function is a text function; therefore, the return value is always in text format.The REPLACE function can also be used to remove a part of the string by simply swapping the text … [Read more...]

Excel PROPER Function – How To Use

The PROPER function alters the text into proper case by converting the first letter of each word in a string to uppercase. The first letter is changed to uppercase, and every letter followed by a space, special character, or any character other than a letter is transformed into uppercase.PROPER function in Excel is a text function; therefore, the … [Read more...]

Excel UPPER Function – How To Use

Since Excel doesn't allow the inbuilt functionality of altering case types as Microsoft Word does, the UPPER function helps change the text to capital letters. All lowercase values are transformed to uppercase using the UPPER function. As it is a text function, the return value is always in text format.SyntaxThe syntax of the UPPER function … [Read more...]

Excel LOWER Function – How To Use

The LOWER function in Excel is a text function that converts all other cases to lowercase. The return value of the LOWER function is always a text value. As Excel does not contain an inbuilt 'Change Case' option like Microsoft Word, the LOWER function comes in handy to refine the data as per our needs.SyntaxThe syntax of the LOWER function is … [Read more...]

Excel REPT Function – How To Use

The REPT function in Excel is used to repeat the input text a given number of times. Irrespective of the format of the input text to be repeated, the return value of the REPT function is always a text value.The REPT function is beneficial in creating histograms or in-cell charts for analysis or financial modelling.SyntaxThe syntax of the REPT … [Read more...]

Excel LEN Function – How To Use

The LEN Function, also called the "length" function in Excel, determines and returns the total length of the given string. To calculate the length, the LEN function counts the total number of characters in the input string, including alphabets, numbers, special characters, non-printable characters, and all spaces from a cell in Excel.SyntaxThe … [Read more...]

Excel FIXED Function – How To Use

The FIXED function in Excel rounds off the input number as per the required decimal places and converts the number to text optionally including the decimal point and commas.The placement of commas and periods used as separators depends on the local language setting. The FIXED function is categorized as a text function in Excel.SyntaxThe … [Read more...]