#DIV/0! Error In Excel – How To Fix

When you’ve done some computations on your Excel sheet, you sometimes look at the whole thing later and find that one of the cells has a #DIV/0! error. Sounds fancy, right? Well, it’s actually quite simple.We’re going to walk you through what the #DIV/0! error is, why it occurs, and the ways to fix it.What is #DIV/0! Error in Excel?The … [Read more...]

#NUM! Error In Excel – How To Fix

The #NUM! error is a frequent visitor on your worksheet. This can make you want to pull your hair out if you’ve used the output cell as a reference in another formula.Looking for a fix? ExcelTrick has it for you.What is a #NUM! Error in Excel?#NUM! error occurs when you’ve entered a formula in your worksheet, but it can’t perform the … [Read more...]

#REF! Error In Excel – How To Fix

Say you’ve got this worksheet from a couple of months ago ready to work with. You pull it up on your computer and start working. You’re updating the worksheet and suddenly, you notice that a few of the old formulas are showing a #REF! error. The fix? Just reference the correct element.#REF! error is pretty simple to solve. In this tutorial, … [Read more...]

#VALUE! Error In Excel – How To Fix

Excel doesn’t make mistakes, but you as a user, might. If you’ve entered a formula, and Excel can’t understand what one or more of the elements in the formula are trying to do, or if they are incorrectly entered, you’ll receive an error. The fix for each type of error is different.In this article, we’ll walk you through how you can resolve the … [Read more...]

#NULL! Error In Excel – How To Fix

The #NULL! error is less common than other errors like #VALUE! or #NUM! errors. The error is basically Excel telling you that you’ve supplied an invalid range operator in the formula you’ve used in a particular cell. In most cases, you’ll see a #NULL! error when you’ve inserted a space, comma, or semicolon incorrectly in a formula. But what exactly … [Read more...]

Excel TEXT Function – How to Use

The TEXT function in Excel converts numeric values to a text string. While you'll mostly be fiddling with numbers on an Excel sheet, you may often need to convert a few values into text. The TEXT function is available in all versions of Excel starting from Excel 2003.SyntaxThe syntax of the TEXT function is as follows:=TEXT(value, … [Read more...]

Excel ISOWEEKNUM Function – How To Use

The ISOWEEKNUM function is categorized as a DATE/TIME function in Excel and was introduced with Excel 2013. It helps you obtain the ISO week number for a date that you supply, and returns a value between 1 and 54.SyntaxThe syntax of the ISOWEEKNUM function is as follows:=ISOWEEKNUM(serial_number)Arguments:'serial_number' - This is a … [Read more...]

Excel WEEKNUM Function – How To Use

The WEEKNUM function is categorized as a DATE/TIME function in Excel. It gives you the week number of the supplied date, which is a value between 1 and 52 weeks.The function is useful while building a capital budgeting model because it helps an analyst calculate the number of weeks required to complete a project, which can then be used to … [Read more...]