Remove Conditional Formatting in Excel (7 Easy Ways)

Someone went overzealous with the visual ease of Conditional Formatting, slammed every Rule in the Conditional Formatting book, and made a circus out of a dataset. Too much Conditional Formatting is weighing your file down. Or maybe you're living a slightly easier work life than that and wanting to clear a Rule off the sheet is a small part of a … [Read more...]

Ignore Blank Cells in Conditional Formatting (3 Easy Ways)

Conditional Formatting is the quickest and easiest way to add visual impact to any dataset but a Conditional Formatting Rule can be prone to its simplicity and might not be doing what you want it to do.Our problem at hand, for now, is Conditional Formatting also highlighting blank cells when we would rather have them un-highlighted (and no one … [Read more...]

How to Get All Worksheet Names in Excel (2 Easy Ways)

You have made a decision. You are, Excel-ly, not walking the manual route unless you must. Whether the file contains a single worksheet or a single hundred, putting together a list of all the worksheet names is not a situation demanding that you take the manual route so here we are. Welcome to Exceltrick's guide on getting all worksheet names in … [Read more...]

Count Values Between Two Numbers in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

There has to be someone who it comes down to - to get the clerical work out of the way, fill the administrative shoes, fluff up the white collar. But sitting on the other side of an Excel screen, there’s no need for admin when Excel can be your minion. We’d say that we are counting today but that’s far from the truth; Excel is counting for us the … [Read more...]

Excel Formulas Not Calculating – How To Fix

You are seeing the formula itself instead of its calculated result, or seeing it without an equals sign, your formula is not responding to some changes, or is responding with an unexpected result. If we’ve hit the nail on the head, you are welcome to browse this tutorial on how to fix Excel formulas that are not calculating.The potential issues … [Read more...]

How to Turn off Scroll Lock in Excel (Step-by-Step)

We’ve fallen into it so many times that we know exactly what it is by now but that doesn't have to be the case with you. Here’s a little menace that Ctrl + Z won’t undo and frankly, when Ctrl + Z ducks out, we go into a grain of digital frenzy. If your arrow keys are working your spreadsheet instead of the cell selection, that woe is called Scroll … [Read more...]

Count Weeks Between Dates in Excel (3 Easy Formulas)

Part of Excel norms is working with numbers and dates because that is Excel's forte. Where dates make the central part of the data, you may be working on them to add days, months, or years to them or to find the difference between them in days, months, and years.We'll walk you through counting the number of weeks between two dates today. By the … [Read more...]

Stop Excel from Changing Numbers to Dates Automatically

Excel is a numerical life savior, a tabular knight, and many things more but it comes with its whims which might suit us like a charm at times or could leave us with a broken computer an unsolved notion later. One such whim is when Excel takes it upon itself to enforce a number into a date. Why it does that, you are soon to find out.We will begin … [Read more...]