How to Make Positive Numbers Show Up in Green in Excel

What is the easiest way to analyze information? Yes, it is visual but how can you make numeric or textual data visual? Right again, you color-code it! So, our best bet for making positive numbers stand out from negative ones is to color-code them. And the immediate color code for +ive and -ive we comprehend is green and red.This tutorial is about … [Read more...]

How to Change Tab Color in Excel (3 Easy Ways + Shortcut)

Dear readers, "tab" here refers to a worksheet tab in Excel that is used to select a worksheet and among other options, is used to rename, group, and hide a sheet and even color the tab itself. With Excel set to the regular "Colorful" theme, the following is how worksheet tabs will appear in a file:The active worksheet has a white tab while the … [Read more...]

How to Print Comments in Excel (3 Easy Ways + Shortcut)

A comment in a cell is denoted by a purple corner marking and is specific to a single cell. Let's show you an example of a dataset that contains 4 comments:Now if we want to see a comment, we'll hover the cursor on a cell containing a comment to display it.And then what if we want all the comments to show? Printing them would be a great … [Read more...]

How to Transpose Data in Excel (3 Quick & Easy Ways)

Transpose is an effectively powerful feature that switches the orientation of data quickly in Excel. Why would you want to change the data's orientation?Going for more column-favored or row-favored data, opting to increase the data in height instead of width (or the other way round), compacting data, trying to improve readability or the visual … [Read more...]

How to Select Every Other Row in Excel (3 Quick & Easy Ways)

To work on every other row in Excel, you would have to select them first. A continuous selection is no problem at all but selecting alternate rows? That doesn't need to be a problem either even though Excel does not have an explicit alternate row-selecting feature.Deleting or highlighting every other row and deleting or copying their data are … [Read more...]

How to Change Page Orientation in Excel (Shortcut + VBA)

By default, the page orientation in documents is portrait mode, the other being landscape. An Excel file will also automatically be set to portrait orientation.On the worksheet, the page orientation has no relevance and comes to play in printing the work. How a worksheet prints is determined by the page orientation. Data with a vertical structure … [Read more...]

How to Change Row Height in Excel (5 Easy Ways + Shortcut)

The standard height of a row that you see in an Excel spreadsheet is dependent upon the font size you are using. The row height by default is enough to display one line of data. While additional data can be added in another cell, many times that would not be favorable and the data will have to be added to the same cell. Such as the example of a … [Read more...]

How to Find a Named Range in Excel (4 Quick & Easy Ways)

All is looking upright in Excel; you've been so organized, have stacked all the worksheets in the most logical order, and have obsessively named over a dozen ranges down to the T. That is what Named Ranges are for, after all, to make the usage of a cell or a range easier in your spreadsheet life.That is just great going but how far are we falling … [Read more...]