Highlight Entire Row in Excel With Conditional Formatting

Learn how to highlight rows in Excel with Conditional Formatting in this tutorial. We have detailed methods on highlighting rows according to text or numbers, multiple conditions, and blank cells all using Conditional Formatting. Also learn a really cool trick to highlight rows based on the value entered in a separate cell.Conditional Formatting … [Read more...]

How to Separate Numbers From Text in Excel (4 Easy Ways)

You will not be the first ones to have badly imported or badly managed data. One such example is text and numbers in the same cell. What use are all those rows and columns then? The numbers are most likely details related to the textual element of the text string e.g. quantity, price, size, model number, age. For the sake of organizing, clarity, … [Read more...]

How to Convert Date to Month and Year in Excel

In this tutorial, you will find how to get the month and year from a date in Excel. For certain reports, comparative data, and monthly analysis, the dates may hold little to no relevance but if you have the data with full dates, you may want to make it more relevant by only having the months and years as part of the dataset. We will achieve this … [Read more...]

How to Highlight Blank Cells in Excel (In 4 Easy Ways)

You're probably thinking that it is no big deal or maybe you're not, since you're here reading this guide. But of course, when the task is to highlight blank cells amidst hundreds of rows of a dataset, no one’s laughing now. The Excel gods like your smile and have shined down some easy peasy Excel tricks to sift and highlight blank cells from your … [Read more...]

How to Remove Formulas But Keep Values in Excel

Why would you need to keep the cell values and remove their formulas?Especially true for very busy and large worksheets, removing the formulas will speed things up in your file as you may notice how lagged all the actions in the workbook are.If you’re not willing to disclose the formulas, you also have the option of hiding the formula cells. By … [Read more...]

How to Print an Excel Sheet on One Page

Your data looks great in Excel; you’ve used the perfect font styles, the right borders, and all that is Excel nifty. But the printer didn’t even think twice before severing your carefully drafted spreadsheet in the weirdest ways and now none of the pages make sense. Well, your printer is going to do what it’s set out to do so run a good check on … [Read more...]

How to Make Negative Numbers Show Up in Red in Excel

We have 3 quick and easy ways for you today to have the negative numbers in your spreadsheets displayed in red. We’re using Conditional Formatting and a couple of options via the Format Cells dialog.With a long display of numbers, it can quickly become confusing for your eyes to single out the negative numbers. The negative numbers could be … [Read more...]

How to Open Excel in Safe Mode (3 Easy Ways)

This tutorial will show you ways of opening Excel in Safe Mode and exiting Safe Mode. You will also shortly find out what Excel Safe Mode is, what it does to your files and what restrictions apply to an Excel file when you run it in Safe Mode.What is Safe ModeIf Excel is crashing every time it is being opened, you have the option to try running … [Read more...]