How to Copy Formatting in Excel (3 Easy Ways + Shortcut)

What happens when you copy-paste, let’s say a column of information, in Excel? You get the values and the font and cell formatting; an exact duplicate. Today’s tutorial is about copying the format of one or more cells to other cells in the same worksheet, workbook, or even to other workbooks.That brings us to the next question. What happens when … [Read more...]

How to Count Number of Characters in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

Let’s learn how to count the number of characters in Excel. The count could be performed on a single cell and even a range of cells. While learning that, let’s also shed some light on counting specific characters too. This tutorial will teach you all that is mentioned above using the LEN function with different combos of the SUBSTITUTE, SUMPRODUCT, … [Read more...]

How To Insert a Checkmark Symbol (✓)  In Excel

A checkmark or a tickmark can be used in Excel and this is the face of it - ✓Why do you need a checkmark in Excel? Most commonly, a checkmark says "Done". A more representable way of having "Done" and "Not Done" or "Yes" and "No" on the worksheets can be ticks and crosses. If that reminds you so much of a teacher's red ink on your work, let's … [Read more...]

How to Change Border Color in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

If the regular black borders are not doing it for you and your organization senses are screaming for order, color sorting will do what nothing else can. Many a time it may not be practical to change the font color. While color fill is another good sorting friend, this tutorial is all about changing border colors.Why switch out of black borders? … [Read more...]

How to Remove Time From Date/Timestamp in Excel

In this tutorial, we are dealing with timestamps including dates. If you need to extract date from the timestamp or erase the time component from a date, we will look into a few features and functions to achieve it.With a present data of timestamps, you may need to single out the dates and you know how Excel tries that you do the least work … [Read more...]

How to Autofit Rows & Columns in Excel (Quick & Easy Ways)

Auto and fit; it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. AutoFit in Excel is a very quickly applicable feature that fits the text of a cell according to the measurement of the row or column (depending on which one is chosen) the text is in. This is very useful since the worksheet has preset column width and row height and the text entered in the … [Read more...]

How to Set Print Area in Excel (+ Modify & Clear Print Area)

If your printing world was limited to trips to and fro Print Preview and Page Setup, you have a whole new little world ahead of you called Print Area. You may need to print your work, a list, or some data and if there are bunches of it, some organization is in order and what comes out on the paper needs to be in your control.That is not … [Read more...]

How to Autofill Dates in Excel (Autofill Days, Weekdays, Months & Years)

No matter how many or few dates you need, the whole day/month/year thing can be annoying to do even if it is just a few times. Today we learn about auto-filling dates in Excel. Why would anyone need so many dates? It could be for a calculation on daily wages, it could be for a dated column in payroll, it could be an attendance sheet, daily sales … [Read more...]