How to Rotate Cell Text in Excel (2 Easy Ways + Shortcuts)

Do you remember seeing vertical text somewhere and tried to copy that style into your sheets by typing each letter with Alt + Enter in between? If we have spotted you correctly, today is your day and this post is for you. You will learn how to adorn your worksheets with vertical text and diagonal text and how to restore the text in case you don’t … [Read more...]

How to Insert, View, Move And Remove Page Breaks in Excel

If you feel your data is crowding the page it is to be printed on and dividing the data would help with clarity, you can insert page breaks on your sheet. Page breaks are more for the print aesthetic than anything else, as you wouldn’t want to unnecessarily see gray lines on the worksheet if it wasn’t going to be printed.Page breaks aren’t just … [Read more...]

How to Square a Number in Excel (In 5 Different Ways)

The aim is simple. Squaring a number, a number raised to the power 2, the number multiplied by itself; it's all the same thing, you know the drill. If this is giving you unfond memories of your childhood math classes, it's a good thing you're here because we aren't going to math-splain you.This tutorial is about squaring a number in Excel, and we … [Read more...]

How to Lock Cells in Excel – Protecting Excel Worksheets

Whether you are trying to steer clear of accidental overwrites, feeling fickle, or trying to protect some important data; all your reasons are good enough to lock cells in Excel. Locking a cell means that the contents of the cell cannot be changed and the user will receive a prompt when trying to edit a locked cell, not allowing edits to the locked … [Read more...]

How to Remove Hyperlinks in Excel

Removing hyperlinks is no difficult feat and with a few simple clicks, you can restore your hyperlinks to simple text. There are a handful of different ways to do this which we will walk you through later in this tutorial.Hyperlinks can be created manually but Excel has a brain of its own when it comes to URLs and email addresses it automatically … [Read more...]

Count If Cell Is Not Blank (COUNTIF Not Blank or Not Empty)

This is going to be a super simple post, here our aim is to find the number of cells that contain data, cells that are blank or empty should be excluded. The task is quite simple but the question becomes ‘how to do it?’. You know you want Excel to count a certain type of cells for you but if you find yourself wondering what to put in your sheets to … [Read more...]

Excel Shows Formula Instead of Result (How to Fix)

Select cell, equal sign, type formula, enter. Now it’s one thing to write a formula that triggers an error, but to see the formula do nothing?How do you fix something that isn’t doing anything?It might not look so wrong but there is definitely something wrong when a formula doesn’t return a result and just… sits there.ProblemThe problem we … [Read more...]

How to Add a Total Row in Excel Table

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add a Total Row to an Excel table. If you’re wondering what Total Rows and Excel Tables are, don't worry. We’re going to tackle them one by one but before that, let's get some background.Excel 2007 came up with a feature called "Excel Tables". Although Excel Table is an overly generic term, they provide … [Read more...]