How to Copy Conditional Formatting in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

The number of convenience stores everywhere is a true indicator of how much we revel in convenience. Excel agrees with the lot of us and harbors many such conveniences with multiple methods.Sticking to that theme, today’s tutorial welcomes you to learn about copying Conditional Formatting in Excel. The highlights of this how-to are using Paste … [Read more...]

#SPILL! Error In Excel – How To Fix

#SPILL! error in Excel is most commonly experienced while using a dynamic array function. A formula that cannot fill the required cells with the calculated results creates this error.After the introduction of dynamic arrays, the formulas can often return multiple values. In such cases, the result will be "spilled" in the worksheet, and the cell … [Read more...]

Developer Tab in Excel – Add, Move, Use & Remove

The Developer tab is the home to a fair few advanced features and controls that are widely relied on by the Excel community. All the coding technology that carries out tedious work in the backend, multimedia controls that seem to perform on Excel like magic, you will find all of that under the wing of the Developer tab. But where will you find that … [Read more...]

How to Calculate PERCENTILE in Excel (Formula & Examples)

Have you ever questioned how good or bad your exam went or felt that the examiner was biased against you? Sometimes you get just a good grade even though your exam went stellar and sometimes you did alright but got the result even worse. There’s a good chance that you were graded using the percentile system which varies from the percentage system … [Read more...]

Spell Check in Excel – Shortcuts, Settings & Customizations

Imagine preparing high-profile reports and being the sole creator of a greatly discreditable spelling error in one of the headers. Huff times hundred! We suppose that is enough to make you realize the necessity of checking spellings in Excel because, unlike MS Word, you will not see any red squiggly underlines that will prompt you to fix … [Read more...]

How to Remove Dotted Lines in Excel (2 Easy Fixes)

They say dotted lines never come without the need to dot. Now, whatever that means, since they’re causing so much confusion, we’ll make our Excel lives easier and get rid of them.But with reason. You will learn ahead that dotted lines can be Page Breaks or Borders and we will go through how each of them comes into Excel existence and how to … [Read more...]

How to Insert Degree Symbol (°C) in Excel (7 Easy Ways)

It must be a hundred degrees out there! This blazing flush of summer gave us an idea for another Excel how-to. The clue’s in the first line. Do you know how to insert the degree symbol in Excel? We’ll walk you through what’s in store today.Today’s tutorial is about inserting the degree symbol in Excel and the methods that we have detailed ahead … [Read more...]

Excel AutoCorrect Feature – Enable, Disable & Add Exceptions

If we had a dime for every time AutoCorrect saved us from first and secondhand embarrassment, we’d be minted. We’d also be equally rich for every dime when AutoCorrect was over-efficient and replaced our words with words uncalled for.Anyway, today we’re going into how AutoCorrect works, how to make it stop working, how to alter the way it works, … [Read more...]