Counting Cells with Text in Excel (3 Easy Formulas)

Different times call for different measures because counting and totaling are going to be a substantial part of your Excel journey so you can get to know how to do it right. The how to do it different part comes when counting text-specific cells or counting without the blank cells. Use the SUMPRODUCT, ISTEXT, COUNTIF, and EXACT functions or a VBA … [Read more...]

Check if Cell Contains Partial Text in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

Smart searching makes the whole search process a breeze and that's smart stuff for you, making everything easy breezy. As your search gets specific, the process gets more complicated and if you don't employ the right techniques, you'll find yourself having a bad fishing day in a ginormous Excel sea. See if you can get it right the first time with … [Read more...]

Combine Date with Text in Excel (2 Easy Ways)

Dates in Excel are no rocket science and if the dates are lined up like compliant students and their fate is to be lined up with text, that is still no rocket science although we are going somewhere with this. Putting the date and text in the same cell calls for the TEXT function.Find in this tutorial how to combine a date with text, two dates, … [Read more...]

How to Clear Clipboard in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

As a time-saver, it's completely permissible to copy data as all information cannot be completely organic. And for those who wished they could copy item 1, item 2, and item 3 together so they could paste it where needed, your wish came true long ago with the digital Clipboard.But too much information is a thing and it’s also totally a thing in … [Read more...]

Check if Date is Before Today’s Date in Excel (2 Easy Ways)

Which orders are overdue? Which stock items were scheduled to be replenished before today? Which assignments are being submitted late?  What items have reached maturity or expiry?Dealing with dates may be a regular part of your Excel work and keeping an eye on overdue items is crucial in any case. This system of overdue requires you to inspect … [Read more...]

How to Extract Month from Date in Excel (5 Easy Ways)

With endless streams of data, we keep bouncing back to the same thing; organizing. Because data needs to be discernable and that requires displaying or sorting data differently. Dates may need to be split into days, months, or years for the associated analysis and we're focusing on one chunk of that for now.In this tutorial, you will see a few … [Read more...]

Fill Handle Not Working in Excel (4 Easy Fixes)

You might not even know what the Fill Handle is while it gets so much of the work done for you. Today, we’re not talking about how the Fill Handle works but about why it wouldn’t work. Details later.First, what is the Fill Handle and why would it be hard to handle? That incredibly small green box that sits on the bottom-right of the select … [Read more...]

How to Insert an Arrow in a Cell in Excel (6 Easy Ways)

The grand job of Excel is to be an analysis tool that gives a quick visual and graphic indication of data. Arrows also play a decent role in playing up to the quick visual part.Pointing to denote the relation between data (datasets, objects such as lists, charts, and graphs) and showing increase and decrease in numerical values are the prime … [Read more...]