How to Insert Square Root Symbol (√) in Excel (6 Quick Ways)

Excel's main purpose is visualization, calculation, and analysis of data, and a great part of visualization is organized data. The stress on visualization is because it’s so effortless to look at well-organized data and eat up the information with your eyes.If you’re calculating square roots, seeing the number itself doesn’t drop any hint … [Read more...]

How to Calculate Years of Service in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

Finding out the years of service of employees may come with their resignation. The intent may be to find out the employment duration or to use that duration to determine/calculate some form of entitlement. If resignation is not the case, you may be trying to figure out the years in service of the current employees.Working towards calculating the … [Read more...]

How to Number Rows in Excel (In 8 Easy Ways)

Numbering rows in Excel. Doesn’t sound like a tough feat, right? Don’t worry, it really isn’t. Why would you need to number rows? When handling any database, it can always do with organizing and the organizing may come in the form of alphabetical order, chronological order, or serial numbering depending on the type of data.You’ll find yourself … [Read more...]

How to Calculate Weighted Average in Excel (2 Easy Formulas)

We all know how averages work, right? Means or averages are easily calculable and represent a central value. That's all fine for regular numbers but the more factors you add, the average value starts seeming a bit misrepresentative.This can be resolved by associating some quantitative data to each number that will work as weights. Their inclusion … [Read more...]

How to Highlight Weekends in Excel (In 3 Easy Ways)

Have a great weekend! If the title didn’t do it, that should drop a hint on what’s coming up today. Yes, we’re learning how to highlight weekends in Excel, and trust us when we say it looks nothing like this angry green buddy up here.You will find it most convenient to highlight certain days of the week to spot a pattern, for analysis, timelines, … [Read more...]

How to Calculate Square Root in Excel (4 Easy Ways)

Hello there citizen of Excel town! Here's a brainwave. Have you ever thought about getting Excel to do what you have been doing for a good chunk of your school life on a calculator? We're sure you've been there, and so have we. Let's pick something easy, say, square root! Not only can you calculate square roots in Excel, but you also have a bunch … [Read more...]

How to Add Days to a Date in Excel (4 Easy Ways)

This tutorial is all about adding days to a date in Excel. Adding days to a date can be helpful to calculate delivery dates, deadlines, maturity, expiry, timelines, etc. That all sounds pretty important but how can it be done?You can pull out a paper, pen, calculator, and definitely a calendar but we like to give our Excel skills a go for every … [Read more...]

How to Format Phone Number in Excel (3 Quick Ways)

If you see this number in Excel: 9876543210Would it register to you as a phone number? Not to us either. What makes a phone number look like a phone number? Some characteristic hyphens and parentheses would be a great deal helpful.Let’s have a look at how it would change things: (987)654-3210Definitely rings right! (See what we did … [Read more...]