How to Spell Check In Excel

Microsoft Excel doesn't have advanced capabilities like grammar checking and correction but still, it offers the basic spell checking functionality. This built-in spell checker in Microsoft Excel can help you to double-check your excel sheets before you send them across to someone else.

One thing that I would like to point out is that the spell-checking capability of Excel is very limited. I mean, unlike MS Word, Excel doesn't underline the misspelled words as you write them. It will only tell you about a misspelled word when you hit the spell check button.

How to check spellings in Microsoft Excel:

Checking spellings in excel is very easy. Follow the below steps to perform a spell check in Excel.

  • With your excel spreadsheet opened, simply navigate to the ‘Review’ tab in the ribbon.
  • In the ‘Review’ tab there is an option ‘Spelling’ as shown in the image.

Spell Checking Option In Excel

  • Clicking this option will initiate the spell checking.

Now there is one important thing that I would like to highlight. Before starting the spell checking if your cursor was on the ‘A1’ cell then excel will start to spell checking from that cell. If your cursor was on some ‘K10’ cell then spell checking will start from that particular cell. But in this case, after reaching the end of the worksheet it will ask you “Do you want to continue checking at the beginning of the sheet?”

Do you want to continue checking at the beginning of sheet?

If you click the ‘Yes’ button then it will check all the left cells, else if you select ‘No’ then it will leave the other cells as it is.

Shortcut Key for Spell-checking:

If you don’t like to use the spell-checking functionality using the button present on the Excel ribbon then you can also do this by using a shortcut key. The shortcut key for this is ‘F7’.

While opening a spreadsheet if you press ‘F7’, then it will start the spell checking process.

Spell-check Multiple Sheets at Once:

While using the spell-check option you will realize that it can only check spellings on the active sheet. But by following the below method you will be able to check spellings on multiple sheets at once.

  • Open the excel sheet, now right-click on the name of your excel sheet.

Selecting All Sheets At Once

  • This will open a menu, select the option that says “Select All Sheets”. Now all the available sheets in your excel file will be selected.
  • After this start the spell checking process by navigating to Review>Spellings, or by using the ‘F7’ key.

Highlight Misspelled words by using a Macro:

Finding misspelled words becomes quite easy by using the below macro. This macro changes the background color of the cells where misspelled words are present. This makes it easier for anyone to find the wrongly spelled words just by viewing the sheet.

To use this macro follow the below steps:

  • Open the excel sheet for which you want to highlight the misspelled cells.
  • Next, press the “Alt+F11” keys, this will open Excel VBA editor.
  • Navigate to Insert>Module.
  • Paste the following code inside the editor.
Sub ColorMispelledCells()
For Each cl In ActiveSheet.UsedRange
If Not Application.CheckSpelling(Word:=cl.Text) Then _
cl.Interior.ColorIndex = 28
Next cl
End Sub
  • After pasting the code press the ‘F5’ key to run the macro.
  • Next check your sheet, all the cells with misspelled words would have been highlighted in aqua color.

How to Spell Check In Excel Macro

So, this was all about spell check in excel. If you come across any difficulty while using this option, please share it in the comments section.

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