About – Ankit Kaul Machama

Ankit, the Founder and Strategist at ExcelTrick, established the platform in 2011 and brings over 15 years of practical experience, complemented by an Engineering Degree, to the forefront. His proficiency in Excel, spanning advanced formulas and VBA, is a defining aspect of his skill set, solidifying his reputation as an expert in the technology sector. Ankit's commitment to excellence is reflected in his role, where he not only formulates but diligently executes strategic initiatives, contributing to the success of ExcelTrick.

In addition to his role, Ankit plays a crucial part in maintaining content integrity, performing fact-checking, and conducting article reviews. Beyond his engineering foundation, Ankit possesses a versatile set of coding and development skills, enhancing his problem-solving capabilities in the tech industry. His understanding of the programmatic landscape adds to his adaptability and strategic insight.

Ankit derives genuine joy from computer programming, a passion that not only fosters creativity but also refines his problem-solving abilities. Outside his professional commitments, he values a balanced lifestyle, prioritizing quality time with his family.