Find Cells With Conditional Formatting in Excel (Easy Steps)

There is no doubt in the Excel mines that Conditional Formatting is an unparalleled gem used to distinguish cells meeting defined characteristics. Sometimes, however, you may find your mind boggled on what rules belongs where with so much color fill, borders, and various font colors being a general part of worksheets.It also doesn’t help if … [Read more...]

How to Rename a Table in Excel (3 Easy Ways + Shortcut)

By default, the first Table in the workbook is automatically named Table1 by Excel and it goes onto Table2, Table3, and so on. While that's helpful on Excel's part, we bet everyone is like us and can't remember what Table was for which dataset.Say, you want to jump to the Table of overdue orders but can't remember where it is in the workbook … [Read more...]

How to Change Conditional Formatting in Excel (Step-by-Step)

The world is ever-changing and the Excel universe can say the same. With changes in data, requirements, users (and even moods?), there may need to be a change in what bits of the dataset are made prominent or how.Changing from top 10 to top 5, from Data Bars to simple highlighting, from top 3 to the 90% percentile, highlighting cells with an … [Read more...]

Excel TEXTAFTER Function – How To Use

The TEXTAFTER function returns the text that appears after a given character, substring, or delimiter. If the delimiter is used more than once, we can also choose to extract the text after a particular occurrence of the delimiter.The TEXTAFTER function is one of the latest additions and currently only works with Microsoft Excel 365.SyntaxThe … [Read more...]

How to Group Rows in Excel (3 Easy Ways + Shortcut)

Piles upon piles of data can quickly become overwhelming and Excel offers an equally quick solution to organize data and group it. Since deleting data can't be an option most of the time, grouping data allows you to choose which data you want to see and which you want to temporarily stow away.In addition to that, you can hide all the hundreds of … [Read more...]

Excel TEXTSPLIT Function – How To Use

The TEXTSPLIT function separates the input text into columns and/or rows as per the given delimiter. The resulting text is spilled into different columns and rows, creating an array. It is one of the most useful Excel functions for text structuring and editing.The TEXTSPLIT function is like the in-built Text to Columns functionality of Excel, … [Read more...]

Remove Conditional Formatting in Excel (7 Easy Ways)

Someone went overzealous with the visual ease of Conditional Formatting, slammed every Rule in the Conditional Formatting book, and made a circus out of a dataset. Too much Conditional Formatting is weighing your file down. Or maybe you're living a slightly easier work life than that and wanting to clear a Rule off the sheet is a small part of a … [Read more...]

Excel TEXTJOIN Function – How To Use

The TEXTJOIN function joins text or strings from multiple cells into one cell separating them using the given delimiter with an option to include or ignore empty strings. It was first introduced in Excel 2016.The TEXTJOIN function combines the values while adding the specified delimiter between each text. The return value of the TEXTJOIN function … [Read more...]