How to Use Exponents in Excel (3 Quick & Easy Ways)

The exponent, also known as power, is the number a base is raised by in mathematics. Luckily, you will find the same mechanism is possible in Excel by a dedicated function, an equally dedicated operator, and a similarly dedicated format. Use the POWER function or the caret symbol to apply an exponent to a base and have the calculated figure … [Read more...]

Excel LOOKUP Function – How To Use

The LOOKUP function allows us to easily retrieve required values from a given dataset. When working with large datasets, the function is extremely useful as it searches for a value within a given array or cell range and returns a corresponding value from the same position in another range.The LOOKUP function offers two forms which are vector form … [Read more...]

How to Remove Parentheses in Excel (3 Easy Ways + VBA)

Data speaks to everyone differently. Left alignment, right alignment, font size 11 or 12, format this way, or severely not this way, to delimiter or not to delimiter; that is the problem. But it shouldn't be with Excel. Too often, using the word lightly, data is stored in a way that suits the creator or editor. Their way might be suitable for their … [Read more...]

How to Extract Only Numbers From a Cell in Excel

Quite the probable setup for disappointment if you came here thinking there's a straightforward, dedicated function in Excel to help rake the numbers out of alphanumeric data. Given that Excel is a fancy number dealer, we were fairly surprised too. All the more reason to explore, right? We're not pointing you anywhere but here!A function may not … [Read more...]

Excel TAKE Function – How To Use

The TAKE function allows us to extract a subset of ranges or arrays from a bigger dataset. The function is especially useful when dealing with large datasets as it makes data manipulation and extraction easier and faster.While using the TAKE function, the user can choose the number of rows or columns to be extracted from the beginning or the end … [Read more...]

How to Remove Dashes in Excel (3 Easy Ways)

Stuck with uncalled-for hyphens? Dashes lining in between phone numbers, separating book name and author, punctuating product codes, forming unnecessary categories. Well, not unnecessary as it is, but you may require data in a rawer form. That calls for removing hyphens and we don't want to be selecting each value and hitting backspace. When will … [Read more...]

Excel INDIRECT Function – How To Use

The INDIRECT function allows the users to reference cells indirectly, depending on the contents of another cell or a text string. It lets you return the reference to a cell, based on its string representation, therefore we are able to change a cell reference (and sheet name) within a formula without changing the formula itself.The INDIRECT … [Read more...]

Convert Decimal to Percentage in Excel (4 Quick Easy Ways)

Some broad categories where you see percentage analysis: academic or sales performance, profit margins, investment returns. Why you see percentages in place of fractions or decimals is because discerning a proportional value that way comes to us much easier. That or perhaps our brains have been wired that way now. How would you arrive at your … [Read more...]