Excel DAYS360 Function – How To Use

The DAYS360 function is categorized as a DATE/TIME function in Excel and allows users to calculate the number of days between any two given dates based on a 360-day year (i.e., 30 days for each month).Note that the DAYS360 function doesn't work on the actual 365/366 days per year. For instance, if you entered January 1, 2021, and December 31, … [Read more...]

How to Indent in Excel (3 Easy Ways + Shortcut)

If you punch some text in Excel and hit the enter key, you'll notice that the text is left-aligned by default and that's what we're trying to change today. We will talk about indenting text in a cell in Excel. Indentation has all to do with the alignment of text. This is why you will find the indent options in the alignment sections in … [Read more...]

Excel TIMEVALUE Function – How To Use

The TIMEVALUE function is categorized as a DATE/TIME function in Excel and allows converting time values inserted or imported as a text string to valid, Excel-recognized time values.The problem that the function solves is that it allows you to convert these time values so you can use them in subsequent calculations. Excel only recognizes time … [Read more...]

How to Lock Formula Cells & Hide Formulas in Excel

The need for locking cells comes with the ease of editing in Excel. Think of a calculation that has multiple columns referenced within the formula (e.g. net salary using taxes, allowances, and bonus calculations). If accidentally one value is changed, it affects the whole string of calculations and consequently the final amount (not to mention … [Read more...]

How to Copy And Duplicate a Sheet in Excel

We could be copying multiple formats from one sheet to another for the ease of filling data in for daily, weekly, or monthly reports. We could be copying data for adding in the analytics. We could very well be copying a to-do list to forever keep score. For whichever act it is that you choose to team up with Excel, we are here again to give you the … [Read more...]

Excel TIME Function – How To Use

The TIME function in Excel is categorized as a DATE/TIME function and allows you to create time values using the hours, minutes, and seconds components. It's a particularly handy function when you need to create a custom time value inside another formula.In a business setting, you may want to use the TIME function to add a timestamp to a … [Read more...]

How To Wrap Text In Excel – (2 Easy Ways + Shortcut)

A quick look at an Excel sheet can tell you that the regular size of a cell is a decent fit for numbers but for this tutorial, we are more concerned about a cell's fit for text. With an acceptable font size, fitting 7-8 characters in a cell is no problem. For fitting more than one word in, there is no need to resort to a different column or row or … [Read more...]

Get Day Of Week From Date in Excel

Is it a weekday or weekend? Will we be partying out late on New Year's Eve during the weekend or preparing to bustle to our schools and offices the next day? Are you closed for business on a certain holiday? What day would that be? For all serious and non-serious reasons, this tutorial will show you how to convert a date into its corresponding day … [Read more...]